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The Neolithic Collection - National Archaeological Museum
The Neolithic Collection, which forms part of the Collection of Prehistoric Antiquities, comprises the earliest exhibits in the museum. These come from settlements and cemeteries of mainland Greece and the Aegean islands and date to the Neolithic period and the Early and Middle Bronze Age, that is the pre-Mycenean periods. click here to read it

Elaiotexnia 2009, Trade exhibition for olive oil and olives 8-10 May 2009
In Greece, the third biggest oil-producing country in the world and a junctional point for the Balkans and the countries of the Middle East, no sectional fair has ever been organized up to this day for the olive-culture sector. A sector that employs and concerns more than 1,000,000 families of oil-producers, oil-pressers, merchants etc. and contributes considerably to our national economy. This gap is about to be covered by the branch fair Eleotexnia, which is being organized by the company Compass Expo Limited. click here to read it

A great number of museums operate throughout the country. More than 207 of them are state-run or supervised by the Ministry of Culture and 107 are privately owned. Visitors have the opportunity to admire unique artifacts and scientific achievements created on Greek territory for more than 6.000 years. click here to read it

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